Wednesday, July 04, 2001

CONvergence is on my mind, of course. It's this weekend. Since I put the schedule on line, it's even more so, as I've looked over the programming items quite a bit over the last couple of weeks.

I've been going to Science Fiction conventions for fifteen years now, my first was TARDIScon 1986 in St Louis, a three day Doctor Who convention; where I was moved by what weekend long conventions were all about. It got me into some trouble as I got more and more involved in local Doctor Who fandom, which was peaking at the time, and we were at the center of it. And various Minicons through the years; and while I was never involved with it, it provided my connection to any sort of fandom through much of my college years. It was the Minicon in 1997 where I realized that I really wanted to move back here, it was home. And while I was a little stunned the following year to discover that my home wasn't really Minicon, it turns out that I wasn't the only one, and CONvergence was welcoming us home.

At the time, I think there was every reason to believe that things would go horribly wrong. Lots of divisions that exist in local SF fandom were revealed -- there are generational issues and cultural issues involved; silly non-words like "sci-fi" and "fen" became fighting terms. And while Minicon has radically shrunk in size, the people who wanted it that way got what they wanted, and perhaps next year it'll be something that will appeal to me more. Especially since I know more people from minn-stf now then I did before this years Minicon. Though it took 15 years in fandom to actually have a conversation with an active and identified minn-stfer Hmm.

But enough of that. I think things are better than ever in fandom, at least for me -- I went to a Minn-stf meeting last weekend, as it was pretty much in my neighborhood and I was free, two things that don't happen very often, and had a real good time. It was a bit odd; as one thing they don't tell you is that people show up a whole lot later than the posted start time. I picked up some information and registered for Diversicon, so CONvergence won't be the end of my convention calendar for the year. But the meeting was a good warm up for the convention, I think...

And just when I think it can't get any better, MISFITS goes ahead and gets the original Superman back on the big screen for a week in August.

And I might go down to Chicago for Chicago TARDIS, if a critical mass of my friends go.

As I go through the CONvergence week, I'll keep this all going with "My CONvergence", in the tradition of my Minicon and Marscon reports. Though it may be a while before I get to it, as there is more going on for me as far as this one goes...

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