Wednesday, June 20, 2001 Technology | End of an affair?
I haven't gotten a TiVo yet -- I've managed to cut back my TV watching a great deal, and I imagine I'd spend my time eliminating shows I don't want to spend the time to watch...and this article makes me a little nervous as well. I don't mind much if TiVo knows what shows I watch -- in the end, I think it's a good thing, as that information means the shows I watch have more of a chance to stay on the air. Though a few people I know swear by them, and it does seem to be a way to make sure I catch shows that I'd watch on a whim, but wouldn't plan ahead and tape. (And I'm taping fewer and fewer shows; especially if they all come out on DVD. I'm counting on them releasing all of Buffy and Angel, for example...

Neil Gaiman says that he got Tori Amos's new album Strange Little Girls. I've been less enthusiastic about Tori after her first two albums, but she's still a favorite, so I'm excited that she has a new album out and will get it immediately. (I'm far enough behind in my reading that I probably won't get Neil's new book American Gods until it comes out in paperback though.)

I stained my deck today, as the weather was beautiful for it.

Today's Music: Crowded House, Anoraknophobia, Rumours

Today's Reading: Archangel Protocol

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