Monday, June 25, 2001

One of the things that I don't have right now on the site is a massive links page linking to lots of friends or sites I like -- I've had those pages before, and eventually it becomes a pain to maintain. One of the nice things about linking ot people in a web log format is while they're still there, they're dated, and so if I still have elements of this log in five or ten years -- not a silly thing at all, since there are elements of my Doctor Who section that are that old -- and it's not quite the rush to make sure that all of those links are properly maintained since they're dated.

So here are a couple of people that I haven't linked to before that I probably should. It's a bunch of people I know through (primarily) on line Doctor Who fandom, though I've met them at conventions and other things, of course.

Greg McElhatton does a daily comics review column that usually talks about lots of comics that I don't get and probably should. He also has a page celebrating Doctor Who companion Dodo Chaplet, which is morally quite questionable.

Steve Traylen is another UW-Madison grad school alumni, he encouraged me reading the Doctor Who novels, which really reignited my interest in the series. I'd say going back to Minneapolis to see Paul Cornell doing a signing at Uncle Hugos and a panel at Diversicon back in the summer of 1995 that relit my interest in fandom.

Trina Short is an Ohio science teacher, one of the biggest Sylvester McCoy fans I know, and has a whole bunch of stuff on him.

Occasionally, you might hear Jack Beven on NPR when there's a hurricane going on, but he's also a fan, and has a good set of links that includes me.

Shel Wolf lives in River Falls, Wisconsin. I'm in some of the pictures she's taken at various conventions we've been to

So that's a good batch for today...


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