Sunday, June 03, 2001

I went to the IMAX at the Minnesota Zoo to see Cyberworld 3D, which was great fun to see some computer animation in 3D on a huge screen. It was a lot of fun. I'll have to head back there to see the Meerkats exhibit sometime -- I haven't gone to the zoo in years, and should get around to a return visit.

I then went to Twin-Cities Mechwars it was a fun afternoon of seeing machines beat each other up -- and quite frequently destroy most of the glass surrounding the arena as well. I hope they had enough of an attendence to keep going in future years; but they're going to do something at the state fair this year as well, apparently.

Then it was off to the MISFITS picnic, and while the weather didn't always co-operate, it was good fun, and some good food.

And today has just been a lazy day around the house after the long day of yesterday, as I slept in late and then haven't managed to do much else. Though I finished The Turing Test so now I have to figure out what next to read.... probably time to choose a book that isn't Doctor Who as I've got a bunch of those to read as well...


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