Monday, June 18, 2001

I was linked to on within the last day or so. It had a disturbing link to Timothy McVeigh's Death Certificate. And lots of other interesting links as well....

I saw The Band Wagon (1953) at a friend's house, it was a fun little movie musical.

Oh -- I read in some e-mails on a mailing list I'm on from Gary Russell, one of the producers of the Big Finish Doctor Who audios that Anthony Stewart Head wasn't up for the Master, but that they would certainly like to have him do something for them. And it was reported a while back that they considered him for the very Buffy like (and disappointing) Minuet in Hell, but now that ASH will apparently be in England more, I'd say the chance of him appearing in an audio is more likely...

Well past time for me to get to sleep.


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