Wednesday, June 13, 2001

I feel like it's been the Doctor Who Blog this week. Ah well. So now it's through a couple of other things in my life...

I'm sick of rain. Really sick of rain. And life has been very stressful lately, and I think the weather is worsening my mood. It's sort of like when it's very cold in winter. But it's all icky and sticky and then rainy. I don't have great air conditioning where I live -- just a window AC which is enough that I get by, and I was happy with it last year. I'm really looking forward to CONvergence, as I need the vacation and time off, I think. Looking forward to Iron Giant at MISFITS Movie Night this weekend.

This week's comics were Uncanny X-Men #395, Amazing Spiderman #32 (written by B5's JMS), and the fourth volume of Essential X-Men. The Essentials are a real bargain to get a lot of comics real cheap. Lots of what is being published in the Essential X-Men I read through when I was a teen, and it's a big part of what I read growing up, so it's a real nostalgic buzz. (I reviewed The X-Men movie last year, which really fanned the flames of a lot of my Marvel nostalgia, and I'm very pleased that the X-Men books are good again, if the first month of Uncanny X-Men and New X-Men are of any indication. And X-Force is interesting...

And today's magazine is Dr Dobbs Journal.

I got my order of a bunch of CDs from today -- the Transatlantic live CD, Ian Mosley & Ben Castle's album, the outtakes from Afraid of Sunlight and got the updated version of Real to Reel as well.

Today's at music at work was Richard Thompson's Watching the Dark, which I hadn't listened to in a couple of months and thought of when I heard that he's coming to town -- I might go, it's depending on how my schedule is and the like. But I love that collection, and think it's fantastic, fantastic stuff.


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