Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Well, Buffy was really good tonight. The "previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer" section was fantastic. Did they have a snapshot from the prior 99 episodes? I think so... it's amazing how physically they've all changed since the series started.

Angel was a bit difficult to get into tonight though, after that Buffy ending -- but I understand the logic of the two. I'll be interested to see how both series work on different networks next year....

Oh...today's (well, tomorrow's) trivia fact: I went to my first science fiction convention of any kind fifteen years ago. It was a one day Doctor Who event at the old prom center in St Paul with Peter Davison, run by the old Doctor Who Fan Club of America. I've still got some vivid memories of being a big geek and trying to debate what order we should put the novelizations in; as you could either put them in the order of the book release, or the order of the TV episode airdates.

It wasn't a convention in the sense I like them today -- a couple on stage events and a huge merchandise selection. But it was fun, and it was really good for our club. Our first, small step into a wider world. I should scan in some of my stuff from that sometime...

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