Sunday, April 15, 2001

Well, I went to Minicon on both Friday and Saturday. (I didn't go on Sunday because of family obligations)

There were a couple of programming items I found interesting, but it felt a little light to me. And if there wasn't a programming item going on I was miserable -- I had nothing to do but wander the third floor, be amused by what was being built with K'Nex (which were really quite cool), or just kind of wander aimlessly in the consuite or at home. I came real close to buying a book to read, but something about that just felt a bit wrong to me at a con -- I can do that at home. Some people clearly did do that though... I didn't want to leave too early during the convention -- and I'm very glad I didn't Saturday night, because I had one good conversation about a whole lot of things. But there was a lot of time where I just didn't know where I fit in there, and I just got my excercise by wandering around the third floor, seeing if there was anyone I knew at the convention.

The art show -- which I only wandered through once -- felt small, it was in the back of the dealers room and a bit out of the way. Lots of the panels were empty.

I'm sure there were many of the people there that had a great time -- but if you weren't already connected with people that were there, it was very difficult to find a good place to hook in -- the people that I saw that were under 40 with the exception of one group were isolated, clearly aliens at the convention. Some of that in my case is probably my fault and personality, but still, there was a time that wasn't the case.

There once was a time when you couldn't take the elevators at Minicon; now, when you did, they were both instantly available and empty.

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