Thursday, December 14, 2000

What Now? by Alan Brinkley and Michael McConnell from Slate was a really interesting wrap up of the election issues. I've got grave concerns about what this election revealed -- ones that I don't think could be fixed after the election took place, and I think we have an imperfect result. But there will be other elections in the future, and we can consider that when we vote in the future. I'm also concerned as the parties become more regional; I think it's better for there to be healthy competition between the two parties, because that means that neither one is too comfortable with power, with too strong of an opinion of their own entitlement. I disagree with conservative Republicans on a great many issues, especially on many social ones, and I'm skeptical about a party that seems primarily interested in the upper half of the income spectrum, even though that's where I am personally. But they're there, and now the challenge is whether they'll be responsible or not; and if they aren't their time in power should and will be extremely short.

As you can tell, some of what I'm linking to in this little journal are just my favorite articles in items like Slate and Salon, this may change some now that we're out of the political season for a while, as I want it to be a bit of my insight into the world -- personal, political, entertainment, whatever. It's more for me than it is for anyone reading it -- there's more than enough things on the web for you to read. But this is a way I can collect the items someplace and not necessarily harrass all of my friends with e-mails saying "look at this link!" -- I can do it here, and some of them might actually check out this page from time to time.

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