Sunday, November 05, 2000

Well, this morning I watched the Badfinger Behind the Music on VH-1. Behind the Music is oddly addictive regardless of the band, but I think with this one they don't need to make any more -- death, financial mismanagement, drug abuse, it has it all.

I've been working on a CD filled with mp3s that are sort of "the essential musical guide to Michael Lee", and I'll put the 100 or so tracks that make up the disc on the site when I'm done. It is fun to go through an entire cd collection and try to pick out songs that are either meaningful, "important", or that I really, really like. Usually when I make comp tapes -- or more recently comp cds -- they're either snapshots in time or are particularly event driven. With this many tracks, I'm not quite as driven by those requirements, but I've still had to do a lot of ranking, especially if I want any order to this list. (Is it obvious that I've both seen and read High Fidelity this year?)

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