Sunday, November 05, 2000

It is two days to the election, and so I picked up today's newspaper when I went to the grocery store this afternoon, because I want to get some more information about the various judicial and ultra-local campaigns. I'm still not 100% sure on those, and probably will still have the shock of not being sure about issue on the ballot, but I think voting is important, especially in an election like this.

Politically, I'm a liberal to moderate if you have to put me anywhere, with a pragmatic streak as well. So therefore, it's not that surprising that I'm going to vote for the Democrats, including Al Gore for President and Mark Dayton for Senator from Minnesota. I considered James Gibson, because I am sympathetic to his third party -- I voted for Ventura for Governor two years ago -- but I can't stand Rod Grams, and I don't casually vote for third party canidates, as our current voting system is unfortunately not well-suited for them. I would never vote for Ralph Nader, and I think most people are illadvised to do so, even if they think Nader aligns with them more than Gore does. As far as the rest of the ballot, I'll stick with the DFL all the way down the ballot -- it is my "default", unless the case can be made to vote otherwise on a canidate by canidate basis.

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