Sunday, November 26, 2000

I watched Live and Let Die from my new James Bond set last night with some friends. I hadn't seen the whole thing in a while, just bits and pieces of it. I have very strong memories of the movie as a child, as all of the voodoo elements really terrified me at the end. It's a bit of a dodgy film racially though -- no one expects (or wants) James Bond to be politically correct, but I wasn't sure about this one at all. It's sort of The Talons of Weng-Chiang of Bond films, for those of you familiar with your Doctor Who.

Today's been pretty much the sleep day as the Thanksgiving weekend comes to its conclusion. It was a bit unusual for me to stay in town for the weekend -- I went to Chicago over the Thanksgiving weekend for many years because there was a big Doctor Who convention there, and then a bunch of friends and I went there last year. This year, despite a smaller convention taking place in Chicago, I took a pass on it because the group of people I normally go to conventions with didn't go either.

Felicity linked to my new location here. Anyone else who links to me, please let me know by sending me e-mail....

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