Sunday, November 05, 2000

Hi. Well, since I have my domain now, I thought I'd have something to put on it. And well, this seemed as good a thing as anything, and I thought it might be a fun new toy to play with. The idea is that this will be a place for me to go on about anything I want, and provide pretty much whatever useless commentary that comes to mind in a public place. Obviously, I was able to do science fiction reviews on the MISFITS site, but I wanted a place where I could be more general than that.

I chose the title of this column as a reference to, of all things, the a-ha song on the album "Hunting High and Low":

And his thoughts are full of strangers
And his eyes to numb to see
And nothing that he knows of
And nowhere where he's been
Was ever quite like this
And his thoughts...

And since emode described me as an observer, this means I should go ahead and write something down based on what I see and go through in my life. I'm not sure if this will be at all interesting to anyone, so why not especially in the middle of the night. But it'll make for something interesting.

I just got back from both the MISFITS Karaoke Night and then the Scrimshaw Brothers show. Introducing the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack as a possible Karaoke title in a group of science fiction fans is a bit like putting gasoline on an open fire, of course.

Well, it's nearly 2:30 AM, so that means it's time to sleep.

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