Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Couple of things for now -- first, one of mine -- I reviewed The Sixth Day for the MISFITS website.

More on the Marvel Revolution: It looks like several X-Books (including John Byrne's Hidden Years, which was one I picked up) are going to be cancelled. It was very much a nostalgia title for me -- John Byrne's Fantastic Four and his work on the X-Men in the 1980s is a major part of my adolecence, but it's certainly not a forward looking book. I'm very excited about the new direction at Marvel though, as I think I'll be able to pick up and read a mainstream X-Men title again once Grant Morrison takes over.

I watched the tape of both Buffy and Angel last night after I got back from The Sixth Day. Both episodes were very back-story heavy, as they were designed to be. Not the best moments of the season, but I really like to see Drusilla back, and it's very interesting to see Spike develop -- though it makes me wonder about this whole "vampires don't have souls" thing -- I wonder if that's all propoganda, to take a page from Ultraviolet

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