Wednesday, April 18, 2001

I've been doing more thinking about Minicon a lot this week, after the convention.

I wanted to emphasize some of what I had said earlier that some of it was just me -- based on a lot of other readings I've seen on various on line groups, most of the people there had a fantastic time, and that's important to note. And it took a while for me to understand the convention, since I didn't know very many people there.

Fortunately, in the end I got into one very good long conversation at the end, and I was starting to feel better about things. I had a great conversation with a bunch of people at a panel that started about the X-Files, but then sort of went from Buffy, to fandom and local cons, to how Laurel could get more hits for the cool (Like I'm providing any hits from here; no one reads this, I see the logs! :) )

I'm really interested and hopeful that Minicon 37 will start to really improve things, as I think they know what worked well over the past couple of years, but they also want to make it perhaps more relevant to other local science fiction fans, where I felt that this years convention was great if you were in Minn-stf, or were reading rec.arts.sf.fandom, but was more difficult if you weren't.. (And I think if I had been able to stay longer, the convention would have been better for me, as I'd have been able to understand the convention better.) I'm going to be keeping a close eye on what they do, and I really hope that they can revitalize what is, after all, the original Minneapolis SF organization and convention, which I think everyone in the local fan community -- even those of us who aren't Minn-stf, are influenced by.

One of my concerns over at MISFITS is that we're not as well grounded in history, and it's not a sf lit club, it's more of a mixed media thing. I've got a lot of passion for both MISFITS and CONvergence, and it's my home now. But I'd like to see Minn-stf be a little bit better connected to things, as I think there's a lot of misunderstandings in the local sf community.

And if you're not a twin cities science fiction fan, and you're reading this, it really doesn't make a bit of sense, does it? :)

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