Thursday, November 30, 2000

Oh cool, according to Laurel's TV Picks, Spinal Tap is going to be on Letterman tonight (as well as Gov. Ventura, again...). Now if only I remember to watch it. I picked up the Spinal Tap DVD fairly recently, and watched it with the hysterical commentary track with the band, all done in character, of course. It's definitely worth checking out.

She's also right about how great this stretch of Babylon 5 is -- I think the end of Season 2 is as good as the series ever got. (The end of Season 3 is also fantastic.) I haven't been reliably watching the Sci-Fi repeats -- I don't always get home in time, and I'm not always in the mood to watch any tv right when I get home. I'm not retaping the series in widescreen either, because I'm counting that they'll release the whole series on DVD.


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